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Mulch Hauling Services In Brenham, TX

At Southern Star Trucking, Inc., we offer a full range of land clearing services in the San Antonio, Houston, Austin and Brenham, TX areas. This includes heavy equipment and highly experienced operators to clear the land, as well as tub grinding services to turn green waste and timber into valuable mulch.

For some types of land clearing, the mulch produced from the tub grinders is added back to the soil at the location. For other land clearings, particularly for industrial and commercial building, the mulch is then hauled away. Our company provides complete grinding and hauling services, all with our own line of heavy equipment.

Southern Star Trucking, Inc. offers mulch hauling services from the land clearing operation, as well as hauling to customers throughout the Brenham, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, TX, areas.

Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

Southern Star Trucking, Inc. has our line of equipment, trucks and roll-off containers. This means we can complete the mulch hauling to meet the timelines and budgets of our customers. It also means that our land clearing services can completely remove all green waste from the property quickly, efficiently, and to meet all timelines for the project.

We also work closely with end-users, including major landscaping companies, nurseries, and land preparation services in the area. With our extensive land clearing projects throughout the southern part of the state, we always have the volumes of mulch on-hand our customers require.

To talk about your mulch hauling requirements, or to find out more about our services, get in touch with our staff today.

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