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The Advantages Of Tub Grinding

Clearing land for agriculture, industrial, commercial or residential types of construction and use in the Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Brenham, TX, areas is one the core services we offer at Southern Star Trucking, Inc. There are several different options when it comes to land clearing, and specifically what to do with the timber and scrub wood removed during the land clearing process.

Environmentally-friendly Option

At Southern Star Trucking, Inc., we offer tub grinding as part of our land clearing service. Tub grinding is an environmentally-friendly option to deal with waste wood, turning the timber and green waste into mulch.

After removing the trees from the soil, and instead of piling and burning, the wood is simply processed through these massive grinders. The grinders we use are capable of processing all types of green and dead wood, including leaves, branches and other forms of green waste, including scrub wood and woody vegetation.

This mulch can then be spread back on the land after being processed through the tub grinding machines. This provides a readily available organic material that can be further broken down in the soil to provide nutrients for growth. This is important in agricultural and some commercial or residential construction landscaping areas.

We can also arrange for mulch hauling services, moving the processed mulch to off-site locations or hauling to disposal sites or composting and mulching locations. If you are considering land clearing and want to choose a greener option, talk to the team at Southern Star Trucking, Inc.

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